Chanson Eden Water Ionizer


Chanson Eden Water Ionizer

The Chanson Eden Water Ionizer is compact and elegantly designed to meet all the alkaline water needs for a small family. Like the other machines in the Chanson family you are getting an amazingly advanced machine that is incredibly affordable. The three plates in the Chanson Eden are made of the same “Nano” technology found in the other higher end Chanson products. The Chanson Eden can produce great quality alkaline water for drinking that promotes great health. If you are looking for a great quality but affordable water ionizer this machine is all you will need.

Don’t get blind sighted by the expensive 7 or 9 plate machines if you don’t have the money to get one. It is much more “alkaline” to buy a machine that you can afford than to stress your finances and buy a machine that is beyond your financial ability. You can always trade up later if your financial circumstances change.The Chanson Eden Water Ionizer is an incredible value for money Water Ionizer with bang for your buck.

Many of you are just learning about alkaline water and are being lied to that only the expensive machines can create the water that is getting people off their medications. It may take a little longer to see results, but putting your body on an alkaline course has to be one of the best decisions you could make. Drinking alkaline water is one of the simplest and most effective ways to alkalize your body and the Chanson Eden Water Ionizer can help you achieve that.

Features of Chanson Eden counter top water ionizer:

  • Three (3) electrodes of titanium Nano platinum titanium.
  • 7 Sections Water Quality Micro-adjust Function: 4 Alkaline water, 1 Neutral water and 2 Acidic water
  • Languages for voice message: Chinese and English, real person pronunciation
  • Flow rate detection and heat sensor to prevent excessive usage. Alarm message in case of low flux. Alarm message and ionization disabled during hot water inflow.
    Automatic sensing of incoming water pressure and temperature.
  • Chanson Eden water ionizer has LCD displays filter life, PH-value, clock, time, over-heated water temperature alarm and malfunction alarm.
  • Use Sliver-adding Fiber Activated Carbon Filter (Lead reduction): remove lead ions from old pipes & silver-added to reduce bacteria.
  • Intellectual LOCK Keypad: Micro-adjust & PH-value locked to prevent kids and older adults mistakable drinking
  • Chanson Eden counter top water ionizer has Low Water Pressure shown on Display
  • Latest designed Panel: Anti-UV, free of leaking, abrasion & scratch, fast colour, easy to clean and All-In-One (keypad & panel).
  • Easy change the filter cartridge from left case. The on board filter can be replaced in about one minute with our easy to open push button door and twist out filter.
  • Chanson Eden counter top water ionizer comes with pH testing solution and colour chart.
  • Easy installation of unit next to or over the sink.
  • Wall-mounted option.
  • Fully automated system using Printed Circuit Board.
  • Reduced mineral deposits using Self-Wash system.
  • Filtration of diverse pollutants and microorganisms using high-quality filter.
  • Calcium may be added through an exterior opening, extending the range of pH selection



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